i think

my parents are like grand children,
they want to walk and eat and think and socialize in the sun.

i feel that if,

i led my beloved father out onto the court,

and said,


let your first instinct's prediction come true,


i will catch you.

friday five

Listen to a 3.5 meg mp3 here

if I could be the first one on mars, 
i'd start right off by selling both my cars,
if i could spend three weeks in that dirt,
you can bet i'd pack a snow white shirt.

G                       D     G                                               D
will you go with me? i make good small talk don't ya see,
G                        D         G                    A                         D
and i really want to be two human beings on mars.

she said, you're really great,
she said, now don't be late,
she said, you taste so good,
she said you know we should,

i said i don't know honey, i'm not so sure 'bout love nor money,
G                        D         G                    A                         D
but, she said, you're really great.

i confess i like Poldark,
images of noble and the dark,
when i watch that channel nine,
the welsh lad feels erudite and  fine,

i was young i know,  with the family 'round the glow,
yah i confess i like poldark.

shall i  put my kidney on a tray?
for family, friend or neighbor, or the pay,
i'd hope my organ would work right,
makin'  blood good through the night,

and i'd offer up this other one, but i only got me just one tongue,
but shall i put my kidney on a tray?

there was one time when i got scared,
thought tango was a sure thing so i dared,
admitted to my follow i don't know,
that's when we found it really didn't flow,

so i made it up from there, and i led that girl without a care,
yeah that one time, i got scared.

Ft Lawton Chapel, two views

Seattle's Discovery Park envelops in large part Ft Lawton, a mostly de-comissioned military base.   There are a bunch of old buildings about the fort, some in good shape, some falling down.  The chapel is in an in between state of repairs.  There was a trick of the light to first photo taken at dusk,  the detail photo is a bit of a spoiler.   The City of Seattle has plans to take over the surplussed federal property, unfortunately the plan involves selling some of the land to commercial developers, using some for low income housing, and protecting only a third by adding it to the encompassing park.Collapse )

Discovery park beach - two views

I've been taking a lot of photos out at discovery park lately...  here are a couple from the beach by the lighthouse taken on different days.

A friend suggested I would be nuts to have asked the parents of the kids in the first photo if they wanted my contact information so that I could get them a copy of the photo.   I had guessed it would be weird so didn't ask, but still having that fear of other confirmed in humans today made me sad... I went back the next day and the sound was in a different state.
Collapse )