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Will's J

1 November 1966
External Services:
  • cruiter@livejournal.com
Also see my main website, and my myspace page which hosts some of my recordings.

I have spent most of my life in Seattle apart from attending Reed College in Portland Oregon '85-88 where i earned a bachelor's degree in physics.

A lot of my time-space continuum is occupied trading database and advertising labors in for food, shelter and toys.

I am a bungalite, that is to say, my shelter is a bungalow.

I play guitar, drums and sing, enjoy playing with others, and am interested in recording and broadcast. I enjoy DJ'ing / mixing music too.

I took and so loved my first Yoga class in September 7, 1998, also dug and my first Vipassana meditation class April 16, 2002.

But i really, reaaally, want to be a Rock and Roll Star!